About me

I'm Lennart Menkhaus, illustrator and artist from northern Germany. I create artworks that warp reality and use color palettes that are not always the true reflection of real life. I like the creativity that certain limitations bring out in you.

If you want to learn more about how I got started read this interview by the Rooster Magazine.

Work with me:

Germany, Austria and Switzerland:
Contact my management Kombinatrotweiss illu@kombinatrotweiss.de

Contact me info@lennartmenkhaus.com

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A few of my clients:

Süddeutsche Zeitung
Conbook Verlag
Viva Con Agua
FC St. Pauli
Deichbrand Festival
Highfield Festival
Der W
MGR Music
Juice Magazin
Vlowers in Blackglass
Grotec Events

Follow me:

Instagram @lennartmenkhaus
TikTok @lennartmenkhaus
Pinterest @menkhouse
Twitter @menkhouse